On Food and Self Acceptance for the New Year


Check out this post from Feeding My Boychick. Here’s a quote:

“I will continue to feed myself as best I know how. I will accept myself exactly as I am. I will eat foods I enjoy, that nourish me, that fuel me, that fill me. I will be gentle with myself regardless of what I put in my body.”

While I am currently thrilled with the elimination-style Paleo diet I’ve been following, I strive to focus on how much agency and choice I have without falling into habit of categorizing foods as “good” or “bad”. Even “more healthy” or “less healthy”.

I’ll write more in the coming weeks about why I am currently making the food choices I am, and let me tell you this: It is not about ideal body composition, weight loss, optimal performance, or any of the other reasons people often give for a paleo diet. For me, it is about health care, not having access to health insurance, and having some significant health issues that I need to manage long term (increasing insulin resistance, chronic inflammation). I haven’t yet reintroduced non-Paleo foods (sweeteners, grains, legumes, dairy). As I do, I plan to be gentle with myself, non-judgmental, and observant about how the foods I eat affect my body, and then I will enjoy and savor every food I eat, regardless of it’s Paleo status.


2 responses to “On Food and Self Acceptance for the New Year

    • Hey, Megan! I had forgotten about your blog (I think someone told me you were writing it this summer?), and then started this one. Now I feel a little silly, because you are writing about all the stuff that made me wanna write this blog in the first place! Hope you have a great New Year’s Day.

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